2010 Preventive Maintenance Price List Pre Paid Contract
Vehicles With Pumps
$600.00 per year for 2 services
$400.00 per year for 1 service

Large Vehicles Without Pumps $450.00 per year for 2 services
$300.00 per year for one service

Pump Only $200.00

Ladder Package or Boom $500.00 for 1 service

Ambulances, Small Vehicles without Pumps $300.00 per year for 2 services
$175.00 per year for 1 service

Generators $150.00 per service

Pony Motors With Pump $175.00 (At time of vehicle service)

All contracts are paid in advance; this is to enable us to purchase all needed material in quantity to secure a better price which is passed on to the fire company. Our filter prices installed are the same as the discount price you pay at the local parts store.

These prices do not reflect the cost of filters, parts, or oil used to service your vehicles. These will be billed to you upon completion of each service at a fair market price.


Rescue 1, Philadelphia Fire Department

We will meet or exceed all manufactures warranty requirements for oil filters, motor oil, and lubricants, and original equipment parts is possible. We will not repair your vehicles without your expressed approval, or written authorization to do so.

Minor adjustments, air brakes, clutch, tighten driveline, light bulbs (1 or 2) are part of the service, and you are not billed for this. Major repairs or adjustments are billed as of January 2011 at $92.50 per hour.

Travel time will be $92.50 per hour in addition to preventative maintenance pricing. Tolls also apply.

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